Get Cash for Your Cell Phone

Why just throw away your used cell phone? Recycle it instead, or better yet, recycle it while trading it in for cash thru Wirefly. By following this option, you ensure that the phone's pollutants don't end up in a landfill and even get cash for doing the responsible thing. Here's how it's done.

Once you have done your search for the right cell phone recycle program, make sure you take a look at the initiative and its compatibility with your needs. The next step would be to donate your old cell phone to the program. Here is how most of these programs work:

How it Works

Step One Step Two Step Three
Find your cell phone
Follow the program's instruction about how to find your phone model, assess its worth and trade it in.
Print out your prepaid shipping label.
Remove the SIM card, clear out the phone's contents, drop your phone and accessories in a box or padded envelope, and mail to the program vendor at no charge to you!
Receive your check in the mail.
A check will be sent to you or a charitable foundation of your choice within 30 days. That's it!


Wirefly Trade-In Option

From the comfort of your home, you can take five minutes to get online, find the cell phone you want to trade in, see what its worth, print out a label and send it in to Wirefly TradeIns -- Wirefly's recommended cell phone recycling program.

Free Shipping

After you get an estimate for your cell phone, simply print out the free prepaid shipping label and attach it to a box or padded envelope, with your old cell phone or accessory in it; and drop the package in the mail.

Get Cash for a Variety of Used Cell Phones

Wirefly Trade-ins will give you cash for a vast variety of old cell phone brands and models. Furthermore, if you can't find your old cell phone in the list, you may contact for an estimate of your cell phone model, and get it added to their web site.

Donate Your Proceeds from Your Cell Phone to Charity

Besides having the option to trade in your cell phone for cash, you also have the option of asking to give the money for your old cell phone directly to a charity of your choice. Charities currently participating include Lance Armstrong Foundation, Hughes Foundation, Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund, The Fisher House and the American Red Cross.

No Fees

This cell phone recycling program is free to the use -- so you have absolutely no excuse for letting your old cell phone languish in a drawer or, worse, in a landfill. Turning it in for cash, or donating the proceeds to charity, is a win-win for everyone.

If you are looking to create a new line or to extend your existing line of service Wirefly has many free cell phone offers to choose from.

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